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18 Ways to Spend That $50 Gift Card


If you still have unused gift cards stashed away from the holidays (a common conundrum) or if you happen to be the lucky recipient of a gift card for your birthday, an anniversary, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or something in between, chances are that you have a few ideas in mind for how to spend it. But, if you find yourself unsure what to buy, we have some great ideas for you that totally beat socks or towels. These are also awesome gift ideas for a friend or loved one for any upcoming celebrations.

And if you’re looking for modern tech, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to find a great gift or addition to your home. Even with inflation, there are plenty of inexpensive gadgets out there, and great deals floating around that bring some pricier gifts down to under $50. The trick is knowing what’s not only a good value but what can be useful, too. Here are a handful of the best gifts under $50 to treat yourself or someone you love right now. The JBL Bluetooth speaker that received the biggest improvements for 2021 is among the company’s smallest. The JBL Go 3 […]

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