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2 of the Best Healthcare Stocks You’ll Find Today

In the past year, it seems investing has gotten blended with entertainment. Perhaps that was inevitable. Many options for amusing ourselves were unavailable due to the pandemic. Maybe investing has always been partially entertainment. After all, Warren Buffett’s mentor Benjamin Graham once said that investing is most successful when it is most businesslike. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to guess what he would have thought of meme stocks and cryptocurrency .

Another investor with a close relationship to the Oracle of Omaha takes it one step further. Charlie Munger has said investors can gain a long-term advantage not by being intelligent, but rather by being consistently not stupid. That is typical Munger: blunt and useful. Image source: Getty Images. With that in mind, let’s dig into a couple of stocks that seem like no-brainers for the next several years. Intuitive Surgical ( NASDAQ:ISRG ) and Illumina ( NASDAQ:ILMN ) have generated huge returns over the past two decades, and each has a dominant market position and impressive financial metrics. Buying shares in these two healthcare winners may be the least stupid thing an investor can do. ISRG data by YCharts 1. Intuitive Surgical

What started out twenty years […]

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