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EMILY KWONG, BYLINE: You’re listening to SHORT WAVE from NPR.



Howdy, howdy, y’all. OK. The 2021 hurricane season officially ended on November 30, and there was a lot of activity.

MATTHEW CAPPUCCI, BYLINE: This year was a pretty busy season, not quite as bad as last year. But it’s important to note that it only takes one storm to really leave a big impact.

LU: With so much that’s happened in the water and on land, we thought it might be nice to do a hurricane wrap. I chatted with Matthew Cappucci. He’s an atmospheric scientist. Well, actually, I’ll let him introduce himself.CAPPUCCI: I’m a meteorologist for The Washington Post, FOX 5 in D.C., for WAMU and pretty much everybody.LU: So today on the show, we’ll take a look at this year’s hurricane season, the ups, the lulls and the surprising end. Plus, how climate change might be affecting these storms. I’m Thomas Lu, and you’re listening to SHORT WAVE, the daily science podcast from NPR.(SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC)LU: So, Matthew, can you start by defining, in simple terms, what is a hurricane versus a tropical storm or a depression?CAPPUCCI: That’s a great question. So all of these tropical […]

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