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3 Healthcare Stocks That Could Make You Rich

Key Points

Investing in the right healthcare stocks early on provides an opportunity to generate significant returns.

These three stocks are only in their early innings and provide disruptive solutions with huge market potential.

While the stocks offer the potential for outsized returns, they’re also highly risky.

Get in early on something big. That’s the way many individuals have generated tremendous wealth.

If you’re looking to take that same path, healthcare stands out as one of the biggest market opportunities around. Healthcare already makes up nearly one-fifth of the U.S. economy. It’s growing, particularly with aging populations around the world.There are also plenty of investing alternatives to get in early with innovative new healthcare technologies. Here are three healthcare stocks that could make you rich over the next decade. Image source: Getty Images. Beam Therapeutics Gene editing stands out as one of the most exciting new frontiers in treating disease. Most of the gene-editing therapies in development are comparable to scissors that cut specific parts of the genome. However, there’s another gene-editing approach that’s even more precise. Base editing is more akin to a pencil than scissors. This method enables erasing and writing one “letter” of the genetic code at […]

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