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3 Healthcare Stocks to Buy and Hold for the Next 10 Years

Buying and holding can be hard when stocks are swinging wildly from day to day. But research shows that trying to time the market is the most predictable way to underperform. Real wealth is built by buying companies and allowing them to compound earnings over time.

It’s a lot easier when you buy companies that have a history of great performance and a clear path to years of profitable growth ahead. Veeva Systems ( NYSE:VEEV ), Repligen ( NASDAQ:RGEN ), and ResMed ( NYSE:RMD ) fit that description. Let’s examine each and see why they’re excellent choices to tuck away for the next decade. Image source: Getty Images. 1. Veeva Systems

Veeva is a cloud-based software platform specifically designed to meet the challenges of the life sciences industry. In simple terms, it helps customers navigate the drug development and commercialization process more quickly.

The industry apparently needed the help. The number of customers has grown from 95 in 2012 to 993 as of January 2021. Revenue growth has exceeded 25% every year for the past decade, averaging 29% over the past three-year and five-year periods.

That growth is translating to profit. Operating income grew 36% and 37%, respectively, over those time frames.

The […]

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