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3 Questions for Jennifer Mason on Higher Ed Consulting


I first met Jennifer when she interviewed me for one of her university consulting projects. Speaking to Jennifer, I found her to be amazingly knowledgeable, which made me curious about her background. (This is not my usual response when meeting consultants).

Turns out that Jennifer is not your typical consultant, and her company, Jennifer Mason Consulting , is not your typical consulting company. On the principle that turnabout is fair play, Jennifer graciously agreed to be interviewed by me for this space.

Q1: Before we talk about your consulting company, I’m hoping that you might share your educational background and professional path? I’m always curious about the navigation of alternative academic (alt-ac) career paths.

Twenty years ago, I completed a Ph.D. in English at the University of Texas at Austin and set out on a traditional academic career. I had a Mellon postdoc at UCLA that let me focus on research and writing for a year. I taught for four years in visiting positions at Southern Methodist University and Skidmore College. Johns Hopkins University Press published my book, and a public flagship research university offered me a tenure-track job.

While I really liked the department that offered me that job, when […]

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