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3 Questions for Yale’s New Associate Provost for Academic Initiatives, Jenny Frederick


On 6/22/22, Yale University announced that Jenny Frederick has been appointed as the new Associate Provost for Academic Initiatives. Jenny agreed to answer my questions about her new role. Q1: Jenny, first congratulations on the new role. Your promotion to Associate Provost for Academic Initiatives is a very big deal for those of us in the CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning) community that dream of learning people ascending to institutional leadership roles. Can you share a bit about your goals as you begin this new role?

Thank you!

In the abstract, this role isn’t about me. It is a structural signal that teaching and learning are core priorities for an institution. Broadly speaking, I intend to bring this perspective to my new areas of responsibility, and ask questions about how decisions affect learning, how they promote teaching excellence, how they reflect what we know about how people learn.

I am brand new in the role (effective July 1), so I have a lot to learn! As I’ve done so far, one of my near-term goals is to articulate principles I will rely on to provide leadership for complex areas. Valuing diversity and equity is high on that list, as well […]

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