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3 Trends Shaping Consumer Shopping Behavior – Beyond The Economy


As US retail sales data start to show the effects of recent economic turbulence, brands and retailers are digging deep on ways they can stay relevant in shoppers’ wallets.

VISIONS 2022 , a report released last week by Future Commerce cites eight key trends shaping consumer behavior and culture. Future Commerce also surveyed 1000 US consumers to understand how key themes manifest within the consumer mindset. Here are three of them, and how they relate to retail brands. Trend 1: The homogenization of experiences.

“But for all its power, eCom has become boring. Homogenous. Samey-samey. Decision fatigue beget a sort of prix-fixe menu for buying things online that has led to everything looking and feeling identical.” – VISIONS 2022

Due in part to the proliferation of software solutions for retailers large and small, there is an established playbook for how a website looks, feels, and functions.

This is especially true for retail marketplaces. Being so far ahead of the competition, Amazon’s AMZN +2.5% site experience has become de-facto for competing retailers. But simply following the direction of the incumbent market leader can lead to a generation of tired, homogenized experiences. DANDENONG, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 05: The Amazon website is […]

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