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3 Ways IoT is Empowering Modern Healthcare Industry Today


Ajay Rane, VP of Global Ecosystem Development, Sigfox Today’s healthcare systems are nothing like their predecessors of even a decade ago, and their growth is due, in large part, to the rapid evolution of technology. In recent years, e-health—the digital services that make it possible to improve the well-being of individuals, whether to prevent, diagnose or treat illnesses—has grown exponentially, with estimates that it will reach $234.5 billion by 2023 .

In order for e-health devices to demonstrate their full value, healthcare networks need to have the proper infrastructure in place to support the equipment’s operation. Of the many innovations released in recent years, a number of them are linked to the Internet of Things (IoT), which enables the interconnection of objects (physical or virtual) through a communication system (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 0G low-power networks, etc.). Through the IoT, devices can send critical updates regarding patient or equipment conditions to healthcare providers, empowering them to respond quickly and thoughtfully.

Here’s how the IoT is powering e-health solutions today:

1. Rapid responses even in heavily populated areas

The coronavirus crisis has underscored the challenges associated with delivering healthcare in geographies where the population density is enormous, such as slow response times in the […]

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