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3 ways to improve the healthcare experience


Last year, 47 million Americans quit their jobs, with 4.3 million people quitting in December alone. This record-breaking job turnover — the Great Resignation as we’ve come to call it — is the biggest spike in quitting in more than 20 years. It’s also not going to recede anytime soon. The reasons for this are complicated and varied, of course, but one thing is for certain: employees feel underappreciated due to stagnant wages, and their primary benefit — employer provided healthcare — isn’t enticing enough.

In every crisis, there is opportunity, and some companies are leveraging better benefits to drive recruitment and retention despite mass resignations hitting their competition. Employers rated highly by employees on compensation and benefits saw 56% lower attrition rates, according to LinkedIn .

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So what are these companies doing to develop, recruit and retain talent during the biggest spike in resignations in two decades? What I’ve noticed is that employers who have focused on improving the healthcare consumer experience for their employees are weathering the storm of the Great Resignation.

Most employees are less than thrilled about their employer’s healthcare plans. The […]

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