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365 Days of Climate Awareness 308 – Bangladesh and Climate Change


“Ground zero for climate change,” as Bangladesh is known, is imminently vulnerable to the rising ocean. 80% of the country is less than 5 m/16 ft above sea level, putting a large amount of it at risk now for catastrophic flooding, but worse, for permanent submergence beneath the risen ocean. Bangladesh might be the world’s clearest case of climate injustice, where one nation is suffering severe effects of the actions of others. As nature knows no borders, this is frequently the case for a number of issues. In the 1980’s, acid rain resulting in large part from American factories emitting sulfur dioxide, SO 2 , into the atmosphere devastated Germany’s Black Forest among other things, both natural and manmade.

Other clear cases include the coral islands of the Pacific like the Maldives and Solomons, combined population 1.1 million, facing extinction from sea level rise. Bangladesh’s population is 163 million, the majority of whom live in the low-lying Ganges delta. Four separate elements are combining there into a probable humanitarian disaster: the rising ocean; increasing river flooding; the low-lying delta region; and a growing, densely clustered population without the economic means to protect themselves. In addition to inundating existing land, a […]

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