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(VioletaStoimenova/E+/getty images) With the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, colleges and universities looked to teaching centers and faculty development specialists to help transition pedagogy so that learning could continue in a manner that made sense given the challenges of a pandemic. Before that, teaching centers were considered beneficial to faculty members, and many had their share of “frequent fliers” who attended all the events.

But in reality, they really did not have an impact on a large percentage of faculty at the institution. Faculty members often viewed the teaching center on their campus as just an add-on that would help if they needed it, or worse, as a place where bad instructors went when they needed help.

All that changed when faculty members had to quickly and efficiently adapt their pedagogy to the new world of teaching remotely or asynchronously. At many institutions, including our university, the teaching center—along with many other units and individuals on the campus that support teaching and learning—worked with faculty across the institution to ensure that courses continued to be taught and students continued to learn. It was a time of “we are going to get through this somehow,” and teaching centers provided the […]

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