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4 reasons ocean industry should embrace data sharing


Sharing industrial ocean data enables businesses to address the environmental impact of their operations. Ocean industry practices are under scrutiny due to advances in surveillance technology.

The industry has a responsibility to be more transparent about how their activities affect the health of the ocean.

With collaborative action and data sharing the industry has an opportunity to build a sustainable blue economy.

For centuries, many ocean industries have operated far from land – out of sight and often out of mind. High resolution satellite imagery, drones, tracking systems, and a global push for accountability are starting to pull back the curtain on industrial ocean practices.

While ocean industries do not have much control over surveillance technologies, they can participate directly in the movement towards more transparency by taking an active role in data sharing. Doing so not only increases operational accountability, but will increase public trust, profitability, and even operating efficiency and sustainability. Why be transparent?

Human wellbeing and the global economy depend on the sustainable use of the ocean. To ensure such utilisation, it is necessary that the companies engaged in ocean based economic activities do so with transparency in its operations to both owners, customers, and society […]

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