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5 Healthcare Stocks to Buy for Their Game-Changing Potential

Source: Shutterstock Nowadays, medicine is being tailored to individual patients — even to their DNA. Known as “precision medicine,” this trend first kicked off in earnest only a few years ago. It’s a true game changer for healthcare. Now, by buying certain healthcare stocks, long-term investors can profit tremendously from this revolution.

Moreover, another huge development in the medical space is a jump in the ability to diagnose diseases. For example, cancer is being diagnosed much earlier and more frequently while more prenatal disorders are being found than ever before. In addition to saving millions of lives, these new efficiencies will also greatly lower costs. That will prove lucrative for companies and boost multiple healthcare stocks in the process.

Lastly, even vaccines are becoming easier to develop. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to help facilitate drug development.

As such, this list will cover some of the companies that are best positioned to exploit at least one of these game-changing trends. They include the following healthcare stocks to buy: Healthcare Stocks to Buy: Ilumina (ILMN)

ILMN stock will probably give investors a relatively rare opportunity: the ability to benefit from both an upcoming likely blockbuster and a large, stable yet rapidly growing […]

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