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5 Questions For An Uncertain Economy


There is always a flight to financial safety when there is an uncertain economy. With interest rates driving higher and the stock market looking like a bad electrocardiogram, many nonprofit managers are relying more on the local bank. You must be able to have answers for these five questions:

Is The Bank Secure?

Too big to fail is not always the case. Banks fail all the time. Nonprofits managers are asking questions about a bank’s financial security since the economic downturn. Ensuring that the bank is strong and checking for Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance isn’t being pushy. It’s doing your due diligence to make sure your funds are protected.

How Will The Bank Partner With Your NPO?

A bank shouldn’t just be an institution where you store your money. Your organization deserves a partner. A banker should never be too busy for you. Walk away if you try to make an appointment and believe you aren’t given time and sound advice.

What Does The Bank Do Within The Community? You should ask about partnerships with the larger community. Thing about people, the planet and profit. Finding a bank that incorporates your mission values, such as sustainability or […]

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