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5 Risks to Dallas’ Economic Growth And Affordable Housing Efforts

Dallas’ economy endured the pandemic better than most markets. In fact, according to a recent CBRE study, it is the no. 2 destination for real estate investment in the country. Capital that was singularly focused on coastal cities has shifted interest to Dallas. This is an incredible opportunity to supercharge Dallas’ growth and development – and to make sure that the economic impact benefits everyone. Katy Slade So, how do we do this?

Investment outcomes must be more predictable. It will be critical for us to do that in order to supply quality jobs to our residents and address our affordable housing shortage. Here are some ways that we can make this happen:

> Controlling Property Taxes . Dallas County Appraisal District must find a way to reduce the burden on taxpayers in 2021, full stop. This relieves both homeowners and commercial property owners. Unpredictably escalating property taxes mean owners have less ability to help the small businesses and residents who need it most. Commercial property owners have been abating rent or deferring collections for the past year, which limits their ability to pay debt and other maintenance costs. Sky-rocketing property taxes are unsustainable for property owners this year.

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