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5 Ways Online Learning Benefited Some Students


“Being back on campus is really, really good in some ways, but in some ways, it’s harder.”

That statement, from one of my former students, stuck with me. It was the first day of fall classes in 2020, and Denison University had just reopened after being shut down and moving to remote learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Up until this moment, most students had told me how great it felt being back on campus and how much more they enjoyed having their classes in person.

As a sociologist, I was motivated to dig deeper to understand how returning to campus and in-person learning presented challenges to certain students.

I knew that the conversation about returning to campus had primarily focused on the well-documented problems with virtual learning, such as slow internet connections, challenges navigating new learning technologies and difficulties building classroom friendships.

Indeed, although some students reported experiencing more challenges in the remote learning context, some students had actually fared well academically and described positive experiences logging in from home. Most Popular

I began to ask my students about their experiences of what worked well when we went remote. Their answers surprised me. For some students, in-person […]

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