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61% of Patients Want Better Patient Engagement in 2022


Currently, about one in five healthcare consumers say doing their taxes is less painful than managing their healthcare. Meanwhile, patients are staring down two years of reduced healthcare access and primary care, leaving many with stark care gaps and lapses in preventive screening.

Some 50 percent of respondents to the 1,230-person survey said their health got worse during the pandemic. Sixty-one percent said they didn’t get enough exercise, while 50 percent said they gained too much weight, 42 percent said they were eating too poorly, 39 percent said their mental health declined, and 27 percent said they’ve neglected their dental health.

That comes amid a backdrop of limited healthcare access over the past two years. Primary care and preventive screening rates are low , data has shown, meaning the poor health habits developed during the pandemic plus limited monitoring means even more acute issues could be on the way.

The good news is 83 percent of healthcare consumers said they are ready to make health and wellness improvements. Thirty-seven percent want to be more proactive in their healthcare, the survey showed, suggesting that healthcare providers will need to counter with stronger patient engagement and activation .

Additionally, 20 percent want to “catch up” […]

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