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7 Education Stocks to Watch As Campuses Reopen


Source: Shutterstock Covid-19 has had a significant impact on education. Due to various levels of closure, states and institutions have followed different paths in terms of schooling. However, with increased vaccine rollout, in-person education will soon become the way forward once again. So, it would be wise for investors to start watching education stocks.

Returning to school should prove exciting for many young minds, but a number of students might also need additional tutoring to make up for lost time. On top of that, all students will likely need back-to-school materials. Regular school items will top most shopping lists. However, especially in the past year, students have relied more on technology — so, those kinds of supplies may appear on lists, too.

In fact, one report from Institute for the Future highlights, “By 2030, populations’ needs and resources will be orchestrated by self-learning, digital technologies, allowing humans to take the role of digital resource conductors.” Based on that, it seems likely that returning students will find themselves using (or needing) laptops and other smart devices.

Schools, parents and students will also have to balance social-distancing with in-person education. However, not all stocks will benefit from school becoming face-to-face again. The past year […]

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