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7 things to know about the state of healthcare coverage, affordability

The Commonwealth Fund released a report July 16 that analyzes the state of healthcare coverage and affordability from March to June.

Here are seven things to know:

1. About 10 percent of adults under the age of 65 are uninsured.

2. Latino adults are nearly twice as likely to be uninsured (20 percent are uninsured) as their Black (11 percent) and white (7 percent) counterparts.

3. The pool of uninsured Americans seems to be shrinking. The study attributes this to pandemic-era coverage protections, marketplace special enrollment periods and increased marketplace subsidies.

4. While 6 percent of adults lost insurance through work due to the pandemic, about two-thirds of them obtained coverage through other means.5. Over half of those who lost coverage found new insurance within three months.6. While not new to the pandemic, a third of insured adults and two-thirds of uninsured adults are struggling to pay medical bills or face medical debt. Hefty bills resulted in use of savings, taking on debt, skipping rent or food payments, or not pursuing education/career development.7. Struggles with medical bills were relevant to those on public and private insurance, as well as the uninsured. Between 34 percent and 46 percent of private insurance members reported medical debt, […]

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