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7 tips for responsible use of health care AI


The technological capacity exists to use augmented intelligence (AI) algorithms and tools to transform health care, but real challenges remain in ensuring that tools are developed, implemented and maintained responsibly, according to a JAMA Viewpoint column, “ Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: A Report From the National Academy of Medicine .”

“The challenges [to use of AI] are unrealistic expectations, biased and nonrepresentative data, inadequate prioritization of equity and inclusion, the risk of exacerbating health care disparities, low levels of trust, uncertain regulatory and tort environments and inadequate evaluation before scaling narrow AI,” the opinion piece concludes. AI is often called artificial intelligence.

The Viewpoint column was co-written by two co-authors of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) report, AI in Healthcare: The Hope, The Hype, The Promise, The Peril . The 2019 NAM publication—a mix of caution and guarded optimism—presents what’s known about AI in the clinical setting and serves as a guide on how the field can move forward responsibly and in a way that benefits all patients.

The AMA experts offered guidance, advice and comments throughout the process . Learn more about the AMA’s commitment to helping physicians harness AI in ways that safely and effectively improve patient care.

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