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9 Shocking Facts That Show Road Safety Is a Poverty and Social Justice Issue


We spend a great deal of our lives on the road: walking to the grocery store because you ran out of bread. Jumping in an Uber to meet up with friends at the weekend. Getting a bus at dawn to beat the traffic on the way to work. Taking a drive out the city for a family vacation… Our days are filled with roads: walking, driving, cycling, commuting — yet how often do we think about roads and road safety being a social justice issue?

Road safety isn’t just something for your driving test, it actually has the ability to impact millions of lives, especially the lives of those living in low- and middle-income communities ; because, as with most of the world’s challenges, those most impacted by a lack of road safety are people living in poverty.

Yet road safety is seriously underfunded in most countries — with the majority of countries spending less than 1% of gross domestic product (GDP) on road safety investments.

This is one of the reasons the United Nations Road Safety Fund exists, to prioritize the protection of all people on the road. The Fund’s #Moments2Live4 campaign works particularly to garner support and raise awareness on […]

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