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A Chicago suburb is finally repealing a law that bans people from wearing opposite sex clothing


Laws specifically targeting queer people were common in the United States for decades and many still remain on the books.

Des Plaines, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, has one such law from the early 1960s remains on the books. The city council just announced they plan to repeal the law that makes it illegal for anyone to “appear in any such place in a dress not belonging to his sex.”

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“The existing language is a relic from a different and less accepting time,” Des Plaines Mayor Andrew Goczkowski said. “When it was brought to our attention, it was obvious that it needed to be updated.”

Violating the ordinance was considered “indecent exposure.”

Two nearby towns had similar ordinances and after a local resident notified officials in all three, they’ve been quickly repealed.Repeal of the law was placed on the council’s “consent agenda,” meaning it won’t get public debate.“I think the fact that it was placed on the consent agenda speaks to how welcoming the community is,” Goczkowski said.In the 19th century in the U.S., a wave of cities and states passed laws banning cross-dressing. Transgender people, drag […]

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