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A Conversation with an Early/Mid-Career Professional on Moving from a College to an OPM


3 questions for Erin Shevlin, program manager for university partnerships at Emeritus

Erin Shevlin is a program manager for university partnerships at Emeritus . The reason that I wanted to do this Q&A with Erin is that she is an early-to-mid career higher ed professional who moved from academia to a company in the online learning space. Erin’s path is, I think, instructive to other higher education professionals who are thinking about navigating their careers. I’m grateful to Erin for her willingness to invest the time to share her career story with all of us.

Question #1: Prior to joining Emeritus, you spent five years at Georgetown as an events and project manager, and two years at Boston College as a program manager in the Office of International Programs. Why did you decide to move from a non-profit academic setting to an online program management (OPM) company?

I first started exploring the world of edtech towards the end of my time at BC, though I didn’t take the plunge until a few years later. My husband and I relocated to Chapel Hill for two years while he pursued his MBA at UNC, where the opportunities in online education were […]

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