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A Conversation With The President’s Chief Economic Advisor On The Future Of American Competitiveness, Innovation, And How Passing The Bipartisan Innovation Act Is Part Of The Solution


Brian Deese, White House Director of the National Economic Council Brian Deese Making the U.S. economy more equitable and competitive both domestically and internationally has been a key focus of the Biden Administration. To date, the Biden Administration has begun to transform the American economy by signing into law the American Rescue Plan which saved millions of small businesses and families during a global pandemic, by championing a desperately needed infrastructure package – the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal – which will invest more than $150 billion in upgrading internet access, transportation, and power grids. Finally, through a set executive orders, including one to spur open competition and innovation with all businesses, were intended to carry out this mission and have been successful.

But, the job isn’t done. America’s long term economic competitiveness and national security is front and center. While Congress and the President continue to negotiate several ongoing initiatives including a bill to reduce prescription drug prices and reduce the deficit, the next key initiative is the Bipartisan Innovation Act. Also known as the CHIPS bill, the legislation has momentum but is still currently being debated in Congress. With general strong bipartisan agreement and strong support from private sector actors […]

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