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A Harmonic Convergence of Signature Art Surveys


It’s not yet clear if New York is out of the coronavirus woods, but if all goes well, October will bring chances for us to see how recent and new art has fared during the pandemic’s siege. That month the city will witness the unprecedented coincidence of three ambitious and recurring surveys — Greater New York at MoMA/PS1 , the New Museum 2021 Triennial and the Performa 2021 Biennial. All were established this century to capture the zeitgeist in one way or another.

This convergence seems auspicious — and needed — offering a chance to take stock after one of the most tumultuous, and for better but also for worse, most transformative periods in American history.

The last year and a half sharpened the view of art as a weapon for social justice, but it also renewed appreciation for art’s contemplative side, its ability to comfort and relieve in times of crisis. These two qualities are often seen as mutually exclusive, but are both present, however subtly, in the best work.

These shows won’t materialize for a while, so there are only news releases, checklists of works and short blurbs about the artists to go by. Parsing them, however, yields interesting if […]

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