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A Holistic Perspective on Customer Education

“Education is best suited to solve a problem or realize a specific opportunity. So, if a desired outcome is to increase revenue, they will dig in deeper to see what specific behaviors would drive revenue at the organization, and then determine if education can impact those behaviors,” says Vicky Kennedy , Chief Strategy Officer, Intellum , in an exclusive interview with EnterpriseTalk .

ET Bureau : Why do you believe that customer education is not marketing?

Vicky Kennedy : While a strong customer education program can serve as a marketing tool if the emphasis is on quality education, I do strongly believe that customer education should not be developed as a marketing initiative. Education and marketing are distinctly different, leading to different results.

Marketing initiatives aim to drive an action among prospective or current customers, which involves appealing to the audience with content that intends to sway, convince, or hook them into taking the next step. Marketing is optimized for short-term action.

Education, on the other hand, is best suited to drive longer-term behavior changes by building knowledge, critical thought, and skill. This content should be objective, not sales-y, and not intended to convince. While you’ll still want to […]

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