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A Report Card On Healthcare: How We Did In 2021


2021 was a year full of lessons. The Covid-19 pandemic, which will likely be noted in future history books as a once-in-a-generation event, has changed the face of human interaction and global politics. Without a doubt, healthcare has had its notable moments this past year.

Here’s a list of some of the most noteworthy milestones the industry faced in 2021: The Rise, Fall, and Persistence of Covid-19

Covid-19 was not limited to 2019 or 2020—certainly, it clearly marked its presence in 2021. As of today, there have been nearly 281+ million cases of Covid-19 cases worldwide, including more than 5.4 million deaths. 2021 was especially notable for the notorious surge of the Delta coronavirus variant, which proved to have a menacing and devastating impact on communities worldwide. Now, the world faces yet another surge with the Omicron variant. Time will tell how this new variant will reshape society in the coming months and year. Covid-19 Vaccines & Treatment

As devastating as Covid-19 has been, the scientific community has been relentless in its efforts to combat it. This has led to the creation of multiple effective vaccines to help alleviate the disease burden created by the virus. This is […]

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