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A Resilient Global Economy Is Within Reach


U.S. President Joe Biden arrives for the G20 of World Leaders Summit on Oct. 30, 2021 at the convention center “La Nuvola” in Rome. About the authors: Eric LeCompte is the executive director of Jubilee USA Network. Cathy Feingold is the international director of the AFL-CIO and deputy president of the International Trade Union Confederation.

War rages in Ukraine and a global crisis looms. Gas prices rise and around the world, wheat, corn and fertilizer prices skyrocket. The International Monetary Fund says the global economy will slow , contributing to food shortages in developing countries. Russia’s war on Ukraine combined with Covid-19 made a terrible global situation worse. There are economic policies that Republican and Democratic leaders can find common ground with the Biden administration to make the U.S. and global economy more resilient in the face of these threats.

Before the war, the pandemic revealed the catastrophic consequences of persistent global poverty and inequality for everyone—not just the poor. In response, U.S. economic strategy must focus on transparency, democracy, and what Pope Francis calls “a preferential option for the poor.”

The Ukraine crisis shows what a difference U.S. leadership makes. As the world suffers impacts from the war and pandemic, […]

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