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A U.S. economy-wide methane target: essential, achievable, affordable


The Biden administration is preparing to announce a new U.S. greenhouse gas emissions target for 2030 under the Paris Agreement — a pledge known as a Nationally Determined Contribution, or NDC — in advance of this year’s United Nations climate talks. Given the last four years of U.S. climate inaction and denial, it is important that the U.S. put forward an ambitious yet credible target and restore its position as a global leader on climate.

Although many countries pledge a single headline target that includes all greenhouse gas emissions, we believe that a complementary methane target is an essential addition that will considerably benefit the climate . Although it would include methane, a combined target is not sufficient to ensure that immediate and strong actions are taken to reduce methane emissions at the extent warranted.

A combined target is not sufficient because :

> Methane plays a major role in the rate of warming that is not adequately accounted for in the internationally agreed-upon metrics for greenhouse gas reporting (GWP100), such that only adhering to a combined target will undervalue the amount of methane that should be reduced to slow down warming; and

These flawed metrics combined with a tendency […]

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