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A veteran medical practitioner offers tips for how to navigate America’s confounding health care system


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The title of his guide for patients says it all: ‘How to Avoid Being a Victim of the American Healthcare System.’

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Find out what a procedure involves and why it needs to be done. The American healthcare system is complicated, difficult to navigate and can kill you if you aren’t prepared, proactive and knowledgeable. From finding good doctors to being able to afford medication, the hurdles can feel insurmountable.

So says David Wilcox , who has spent nearly 30 years working in various capacities in hospitals and recently wrote a guide for patients, “How to Avoid Being a Victim of the American Healthcare System.”

Wilcox, who holds a doctor of nursing practice degree, has been a bedside nurse, intensive care nurse, nurse administrator, hospital administrator and has worked in health-care technology. He believes his experience and inside knowledge can shed light on how patients can work to get better results when they find themselves dealing with hospitals, insurance companies, drugmakers and medical personnel.

I have interviewed Wilcox several times and am editing those interviews to point out information that may not be widely known and to help readers learn how to use that […]

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