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‘Accountability framework’ proposed to promote secure health care practices


A nurse tends to a COVID-19 patient. (US Navy Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Sara Eshleman, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons) In a newly published strategic analysis report , the CyberPeace Institute this week conveyed the exacting toll that cyberattacks are taking on the health care industry, especially the human impact on health care staffers, patients and society.

In response, the non-profit has offered a glimpse into its work-in-progress “Accountability Framework,” designed to help relevant health care stakeholders take responsibility for keeping cyberspace secure by enforcing behavioral norms and also by understanding and rooting out the underlying causes when attacks do happen.

“Too often, the lack of thorough investigation after major attacks leaves people desensitized, disillusioned and disempowered, consequently crippling their trust in institutions and governments,” the report states. “Not closing the accountability gap means widening the digital divide between those who have the capability to react to attacks, and those who do not. More importantly, not addressing and closing the accountability gap will exacerbate the void between victims, targets and threat actors.”

The ultimate goal of the framework is to achieve a state of “cyberpeace,” whereby human security, dignity and equity is ensured within the global digital ecosystem. But there will […]

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