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Learn how drones and rock dust are being used to combat climate change by reseeding forests and sequestering carbon.

Elders Climate Action currently has 12 chapters nationwide taking action against climate change in a variety of ways. When a ship has an emergency, the call for “all hands on deck” is put out. Today, with more and more scientists saying we no longer have a climate problem but a climate emergency, the call for all hands to be part of the solution is bringing people of all ages on deck.

Leslie Wharton, spokesperson for Elders Climate Action (ECA), is in the midst of organizing a growing number of “old hands” into a nationwide network of people who, instead of just talking, are getting together and taking action.

“If I were 12 to 20 [years old] right now and looking at our chaotic future, I would be terrified and angry,” Wharton says. “A year or so ago, some of the youth groups started referring to our generation as the ‘boomers,’ in a bad sense: ‘You boomers, you’re the ones who really caused all these problems.’ That sort of thing. So, we decided we would call ourselves the Boomer Brigade. We are here, […]

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