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Activist and Artist Kim Saira on Social Justice and Social Media

One of Kim Saira’s Instagram resource designs (left) and activist and artist Kim Saira (right). (Courtesy of Kim Saira) Technology has profoundly changed activism. Some of the biggest social justice movements over the past decade were born online — from #MeToo, a call for women to share stories of their experiences with misogyny and violence; the #OscarsSoWhite campaign to encourage more diversity in Hollywood; and #BlackLivesMatter, which shed light on the many unjust deaths of Black people at the hands of law enforcement and others. Digital tools like social media, bystander video recordings, and crowdfunding have proven to be some of the fastest and most effective ways to start a movement, create awareness, and raise money.

Asian American artist Kim Saira has used her background in design to play a part in many of these movements, particularly through her platform, on Instagram ( @kimsaira ). Her work aims to amplify activist messages, assist organizations in need, and direct the platform’s politically engaged users to helpful resources through easily shareable and eye-catching artwork. Saira’s work has been shared by prominent activist organizations like sustainability brand CHNGE and celebrities like Asian American actress Olivia Munn , helping promote mental health […]

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