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Adopt a millennial mindset for 21st Century healthcare success


The adult population of the United States is evolving and with it comes new demands for the healthcare industry. Approximately 73 million people, born between 1981 and 1996, are the new dominant demographic, and they have surged to more than 50% of the U.S. workforce.

They are upwardly mobile, health-conscious, tech-savvy, and independent-minded. Their view of healthcare is much different from their parents or grandparents, and they will change the way providers see their business. They are the Millennials, otherwise known as Gen Y.

How exactly will Millennials transform the healthcare industry? How do mid-twenty-first century healthcare organizations specifically cater to the needs of this growing and dominating population that demands efficiency, transparency and fast, seamless access to healthcare? Forbes characterized that as the “ $3.4 trillion question ” in 2019.

The Millennial DIY Model
Simon, 25, wakes up with a headache and sinus congestion. His nose is runny, and his eyes are red. He suspects he has a fever. Simon’s worried because the flu has been going around the office. He knows he should see a doctor. His path to healthcare is going to be much different than his father’s 20 years ago.

The first thing Simon does is pick up […]

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