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American Airlines lists 12 airports at risk of climate change-related flooding


heathrow_airport aircraft taking off 1758194846606 American Airlines has listed 12 airports at risk of climate change-related flooding in its latest environmental, social and governance (ESG) repor t. The airports include Miami, New York JFK, Los Angeles and Heathrow, all of which the airline uses ‘as major hubs’.

The list has been compiled because the airline says “rigorous management of ESG risks and opportunities is critical to the success of American Airlines and to the health of our planet.”

The airline says that “…the direction and potential magnitude of climate-related risk is clear. Our strategy is designed to position American to anticipate, mitigate and respond to climate-related risks and to thrive in an uncertain future.”

“It includes making targeted investments to address the demonstrated and high-probability risks associated with climate change that may affect our business, such as the impact of extreme heat on aircraft or of sea level rise at our major hubs.”

The focus on American hubs means that other airports, potentially more at risk of flooding, are excluded. These include a large number of airports in Europe, Northern American and Oceania, but risks are highest in Southeast and East Asia, a report from 2020 concluded .

That report said that these “coastal […]

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