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American families need to find more common ground to heal political polarization


Alex Cabrero, Deseret News West Jordan neighbors Robert Vest, left, a supporter of President Donald Trump, and Jerry Enright, a supporter of former Vice President Joseph Biden, haven’t let their political differences come between them. Vest with his Trump sign, and Enright with his Biden sign, decided to get a third sign. In between Trump and Biden, they put up a sign in their front yards reading; “We disagree, but we still get along.” After writing last month about the current climate of political polarization and how it is causing divisions in American families , I sat down with Bruce Bond and Erik Olsen, experts in fostering unity, to find out more about how we can heal the polarization among families.

Through their citizen-led nonprofit, the Common Ground Committee , Bond and Olsen’s work focuses on creating opportunities for people to engage in productive conversations that lead to finding or building common ground over polarizing topics. And we discussed some of the ways their work — which is mainly aimed at leaders — can help individuals and families overcome their differences and find more common ground rather than having to choose between their relationships and their convictions.

One of the most […]

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