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Amid ongoing PPE crisis, doctor-led efforts focus on needs of smaller healthcare entities


In March 2020, along with reports of hospitals being overwhelmed amid the Covid-19 pandemic came news of the facilities being woefully under-resourced as well.

Not only were hospitals struggling to get access to equipment like ventilators, but they were also lacking basic personal protective gear like masks and gloves.

Though dire reports, like healthcare workers being forced to use garbage bags as personal protective equipment, have died down, groups on the ground report that the problem has not gone away, with smaller healthcare facilities and physician offices still struggling to get the PPE they need.

In fact, requests to one collection group, Get Us PPE, increased by more than 200% between November and December, Dr. Shikha Gupta, executive director of the group said in a phone interview.

“The PPE crisis is certainly something that is still happening, in fact it is raging and escalating as Covid cases escalate,” she said. “But it’s not being discussed in those terms by those who have the power to make large-scale change.”

Get Us PPE’s origin story is unique to 2020. It was born out of a Twitter hashtag used by healthcare workers to show the materials they were using as PPE in […]

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