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An anti-LGBTQ activist is working to elect a lesbian as California attorney general


Frank Schubert at an anti-marriage equality rally Photo: National Orginization for Marriage For years, Frank Schubert has campaigned against any form of LGBTQ progress in California.

So why is Schubert now urging voters to support a lesbian as California state attorney general?

Because the candidate is his sister.

Schubert is the mastermind behind the notorious Proposition 8, the 2008 ballot measure that banned marriage equality in the state. He parlayed that experience into a lucrative career promoting anti-marriage measures in states across the country.

Even after the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality, Schubert was out at (sparsely attended) rallies, proclaiming that “it will only take one new justice on the Supreme Court” to reverse Obergefell v. Hodges , the case that prohibited states from banning two people of the same sex from marrying.

Despite Schubert’s unparalleled record of promoting anti-LGBTQ discrimination, his actions never seemed to cause a rift with his sister, Anne Marie Schubert, who raised two children with her partner. Anne Marie is now the Sacramento County District Attorney with an eye on the state’s Attorney General’s position.To help support her, Frank is advising a group called “Public Safety Leaders & Victims, An Independent Committee Supporting Anne Marie Schubert for Attorney General […]

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