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​​Another Likely Effect of the Roe Reversal: Higher Health-Care Costs


Carrying a pregnancy to term and giving birth are some of the most high-risk activities, health-wise, that most women are likely to experience. During pregnancy, potential complications include gestational diabetes and preëclampsia (a dangerous elevation of blood pressure that can be fatal for the mother and the baby). During or shortly after childbirth, eclampsia (seizures resulting from preëclampsia), cardiomyopathy (a form of heart disease), amniotic embolism (when amniotic fluid enters the mother’s bloodstream), sepsis (an extreme response to a severe bacterial infection), and respiratory distress could occur. This is only a partial list. The risk of dying in childbirth is significant, especially in the United States, where maternal mortality rates are shamefully high: the U.S. ranks as the worst of wealthy, developed countries by this metric, and fifty-fifth out of all countries, right behind Russia.

“With the overturning of Roe and subsequent state laws outlawing abortion, we’ll see that some people will seek out abortion in different states, or through different means,” Joelle Abramowitz, an economist at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan who studies how health policy affects people’s life decisions and well-being, told me. “But some people won’t. And that means we’ll see more […]

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