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Anti-LGBTQ activists are now funding voter suppression & anti-vaccine conspiracies

Hate group leader Tony Perkins Photo: Screenshot Apparently, attacking LGBTQ rights isn’t enough full-time work for a variety of right-wing groups. So they’ve taken up other projects, adding voter suppression efforts and disinformation about the COVID vaccine to their portfolio.

In addition to fundraising for themselves, anti-LGBTQ leaders are throwing cash to support voter suppression after Trump’s loss in the election. Their also appealing to a similar base of right-wing “anti-vaxxers” who are skeptical of the establishment medical community as a way to remain relevant.

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The efforts to support voter suppression are spurred by Donald Trump’s ongoing lie that there was widespread election fraud last November in an effort to protect his fragile psyche from acknowledging a loss. Front and center are some of the same characters who have made a career (and a fortune) out of attacking LGBTQ rights.

The Family Research Council, the American Principles Project and the Heritage Foundation are all raising millions of dollars for the state-by-state effort to limit voting .

Unfortunately, Trump’s followers were quick to embrace the lie. The result has been a rush in state legislatures to restrict voting […]

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