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Anti-LGBTQ stickers left inside children’s books for sale at Montana Target store


A Reddit user posted a photo of a vulgar sticker found inside a children’s book for sale in a Target store in Kalispell, Montana. The anti-LGBTQ sticker includes a “fact” about homosexuals that isn’t true.

The user said in their post that three stickers were discovered when a customer purchased three books. All of them included the stickers.

“NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF” the sticker proclaims in all caps at the top. “78% OF HOMOSEXUALS HAVE STDS (SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES)” the sticker continues.

To make sure customers are crystal clear about the cowardly vandal’s intent, the sticker is adorned with a rainbow and clipart of a man with a beard wearing a pink skirt with a rainbow-colored top and opera gloves. They were found stuck inside the front cover.

“We’re in a pretty conservative community that’s still a decade behind the times,” an employee who asked to stay anonymous told LGBTQ Nation . “Our team consists of some amazing LGBTQ people and we still get plenty of dirty looks and Karens wanting to see the managers just for us wearing our Pride shirts.”

Evangelical churches frequently leave similar stickers or literature inside of books in libraries or retail outlets. They also leave the tracts […]

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