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Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro should make you care about LTPO displays


iPhone 13 Pro phones The iPhone 13 Pro models are the first Apple smartphones to use the ProMotion feature to help graphics and text slide by fluidly when you’re scrolling. That means now’s a good time to learn about the screen technology called LTPO that enables it.

LTPO stands for low temperature polycrystalline oxide. That mouthful translates to better battery life on premium mobile devices. LTPO allows displays to refresh at high rates when you’re playing video games, scrolling through your social media or swiping to change apps. But for static information like e-book text, LTPO can slow refresh rates to save battery power. Get the CNET Now newsletter

On the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max , LTPO enables ProMotion’s ability to dial screen refresh rates between 10 times per second (10Hz) and 120Hz. ProMotion “produces fast frame rates when you need them and preserves battery life when you don’t,” Apple’s marketing chief, Greg Joswiak, said at Tuesday’s iPhone 13 launch event .

Apple isn’t the first phone maker to use LTPO. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy S21 Ultra; Oppo’s Find X3 Pro; and OnePlus’ 9 Pro all take advantage of the technology. LTPO […]

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