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APSA conference: Climate change and pig production


Climate change and pig production was one of the themes highlighted at the 18th edition of the Australasian Pig Scientific Association (APSA) conference, held in November 2021 in Brisbane, Australia.

As the event followed immediately after the COP26 Climate Change conference in Glasgow, UK, it was not surprising see a review by Dr David Renaudaeu , Pegase , France and Dr Jean-Yves Dourmad , INRA , on the “Future consequences of climate change for EU pig production.”

The authors stated that the monogastric species have received much less attention on this subject when compared to ruminants. They quoted expected average overall temperature rising in the EU ranging from prudent estimates of 1.4 to 4.2°C and more alarmist predictions of 2.7 to 6.2°C in the period 2071-2100. Consequences of heat stress for sows

The expected consequences of the heat stress will be more severe in modern leaner genotypes with an effect on lower feed intake, reduced milking capacity in the sows. A little reported consequence for pig production is the effect on raw material availability. The authors quoted prediction for every 1°C rise in global temperature will correspond to a 6% reduction in global wheat yield and 7.4% reduction in global maize […]

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