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Aquaculture can play a big role in Maine’s economy and climate change response


A farmed Atlantic salmon. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP The BDN Opinion section operates independently and does not set newsroom policies or contribute to reporting or editing articles elsewhere in the newspaper or on .

Mikael Roenes is CEO of American Aquafarms.

Maine is setting the stage with its response to climate change , the need for greater sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Aquaculture plays an important role in all three.

The United States imports about 90 percent of the fish eaten in the country . Those imports ship consumer dollars out of the country, while also having a direct impact on the environment from the transportation required to deliver the food.

With wild fisheries under pressure from overfishing and warming oceans , aquaculture provides an opportunity to produce food closer to the people who will eat it and in a controlled and sustainable way.That’s why American Aquafarms has proposed a new aquaculture facility along the working waterfront in Gouldsboro with pens located in Frenchman Bay.We believe that this project will produce salmon safely and sustainably, while helping to fight climate change and creating good jobs for Maine people.Aquaculture means farming in water. And just like in traditional farming, those […]

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