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Are We on Track? XTE and Maritime Education and Training


Published Dec 27, 2021 4:21 PM by Capt. Sukhjit Singh et al. [By Sukhjit Singh, Jillian Carlson-Jackson, Vivian Rambarath-Parasram, Mikael Lind, Wolfgang Lehmacher, Richard T. Watson, Sandra Haraldson and Omar Frits Eriksson]

“Cross Track Error (XTE or off course) is the distance that vessel is off the course either to port or starboard. It is usually caused by drift due to environmental factors. Those involved in maritime operation will understand, how important it is to be aware of XTE, as it is at the core of corrective action.”

The maritime industry is experiencing a paradigm shift while operating in an everchanging environment influenced by digitalization and decarbonization. Technological developments, particularly the new digital technologies and Industry 4.0, are rapidly reshaping the maritime industry. As the industry responds to this shift, are we experiencing a XTE in our approach to maritime education and training?

Academic drift describes the process whereby knowledge that has been useful gradually loses close ties to practice by becoming more tightly integrated with a body of scientific knowledge.[1] Monitoring academic drift is critical to ensuring the skills of maritime professionals are aligned to the changing needs of the industry. Maritime Education and Training (MET) must evolve […]

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