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Argentina: How anarcho-capitalist Javier Milei is stirring up politics


Javier Milei is the embodiment of anti-establishment rebellion. For years, the economist did the rounds on talk shows and slammed the country’s politics. Now he wants to be its leader. Young voters think that’s good. Javier Milei wants first to enter Congress, then to be president. His motto: Freedom goes before state Rock singer, soccer goalkeeper and economics professor — those are the interests most dear to his heart, says Javier Milei. And it looks like he is about to add “politician” to his list.

To make that dream come true, Milei founded the La Libertad Avanza (freedom advances) party in July. In conjunction with other small libertarian parties, it has drawn up a list for the upcoming parliamentary elections on November 14.

In the primaries in September — a peculiarity of Argentina’s electoral system — La Libertad Avanza came in at 13%, enough to garner quite some attention. Commonalities with Trump and Bolsonaro

Young people in particular voted for him. Many of them might have been attracted by his style. His past as the lead singer in a rock band is reflected in his campaign appearances; he often dons a leather jacket, sings a rock anthem and basks in […]

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