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Arizona election “audit” leader complains wearing pink makes him look “like a transgender”

Randy Pullen Photo: Gage Skidmore The ongoing “recount” taking place in Arizona is a delusional attempt to prove that former president Donald Trump did not lose the election there, despite mountains of evidence he did . The company requested by the Arizona Senate president Karen Fann (R) to perform the audit has no experience in election security — their owner already believes that the election was stolen from Trump.

The auditors, who give every indication of trying to prove voter fraud whether it exists or not, need to wear bright pink t-shirts so that they are readily identifiable during the process. That provided an opportunity for Randy Pullen, the former chair of the Republican state party who is co-leading the effort, to reveal his thoughts on trans people.

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According to one process observer, Pullen said that the shirt “made him look like ‘a transgender.’”

Pullen told Business Insider that he thought it was “interesting” that the observer reported the comment, but he didn’t deny making it. Instead, he tried to pass his transphobia off as a joke.

“Apparently the observer lacks a sense of humor,” he […]

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