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Arizona Global Campus buys assets of online management contractor


The University of Arizona’s 2020 purchase of the formerly for-profit Ashford University stoked controversy for many reasons, including faculty fears that buying a former for-profit college with a checkered past would damage the university’s reputation.

Perhaps no reason was greater than the fact that the arrangement would continue to deeply involve Ashford’s former parent company, Zovio, in running the newly formed University of Arizona Global Campus. Under the deal, Zovio, which had come under scrutiny from accreditors, federal officials and California’s attorney general for an allegedly checkered history of enrollment and financial practices, continued to provide enrollment, marketing and student services to UAGC in exchange for a 19.5 percent cut of tuition revenue for the first 15 years of the deal.

The model, similar to the arrangement Purdue University struck with Kaplan when it transformed Kaplan University into Purdue University Global in 2017, raised the hackles of consumer advocates who asserted that UAGC was compromising itself and its students by outsourcing much of the online program’s operations to the publicly traded Zovio. Most Popular

Today, Arizona took what it hopes is a major step toward re-establishing control over its new online arm and easing that one major objection to its partnership […]

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