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Artificial intelligence-rich healthcare


The telehealth and healthcare IT market has been growing in recent years, and it is expected to hit $390 billion by 2024. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has driven the need for remote healthcare services even further, with most countries implementing restrictions that encourage the public to stay at home. In May 2020, McKinsey & Company reported that healthcare providers are seeing 50 to 175 times the number of patients via virtual consultations than they did before the pandemic took effect.

But telehealth is not just a symptom of necessity. Aside from patient and doctor safety, telehealth can also have long-term positive effects on patient well-being. By avoiding the logistical challenges and inconvenience associated with in-person visits, patients can better manage chronic conditions, medications, and lifestyle.

However, the inherent complexity of healthcare regulations and administrative tasks have given telehealth a bad reputation. The traditional one-to-one conversation between patient and doctor has been tarnished through the computer screen with the constant background noise of keyboard clicks as medical personnel try to navigate their many digital systems and regulatory mandates, all while trying to listen to their patients and offer expertise. The result is a de-personalised patient experience and physician burnout.

At Nuance, we are […]

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